Littlerock Community Church - Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

The Session
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The Session conducts the business for the Congregation and has full authority and responsibility for the mission and government of our congregation. The Session has overall final authority for each and every organization of the Church, including the Deacons. The Session must maintain constant contact and relationship with the higher governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church.

Those who serve on session are called Elders and hold this title for life. While they are on the Session they are called "Ruling Elders." This office of Elder is one of the three ordaining offices of the Church (the other two are Minister of Word and Sacrament, and Deacon).

A session Elder must be an active member of the Congregation and must represent fairly all members of the Church whether of different ages, color, and nationality.

The most important duty is to stimulate the spirituality of our members as they serve Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.